Rastafarian shares on film his meters-long dreadlocks

May 31, 2018
10:44 A.M.
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The Jamaican man amazed the crowd with his miraculously grown and well-maintained dreadlocks.


Chino Linkz uploaded a video from Jamaica to YouTube which revealed a Rastaman drawing the attention of a crowd of people on the street with his hair.

At first glance, it is unsure as to what is so interesting about the man. He looks like your ordinary Rastaman just going about his daily chores.

Then when he suddenly starts to untie his hair, it becomes clear why he drew the attention of the entire people on the street.


The man was actually about to untie his miraculous 3-foot-long dreadlocks, which he has been growing for over 40 years, the description on the video revealed.

As he loosened more and more of his hair, it became increasingly apparent that he is taking a great care of his hair. He could untie his hair easily and they spread out without getting entangled at all.

After completely untying his hair, the man showed it off proudly to the audience that had gathered all around him.

He held a bulk of his hair on his hands and even swayed it around as his he was carrying a shawl of some kind.

Later, he also took time to pose with several members from the audience as they took photographs with him and his long hair.