Scotty McCreery talks about returning to 'American Idol'

Rodolfo Vieira
May 31, 2018
11:56 A.M.
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Scotty McCreery, who won season 10 of American Idol, revealed that he would like to return to the show, not as a judge but as a mentor.


The singer, who launched his first album, Clear as Day, back in 2011, claimed that he wouldn't want to replace Luke Bryan as a judge because he knows how it feels like to be on stage.

According to Pop Culture, McCreery is well too familiarized with the process of appearing in front of a panel of judges and a crowd to ever consider becoming a judge himself.

Having learned quite a lot during his time on the show, McCreery would be more than happy to pass down the secrets to make it to the top to the other contestants.

But, even with these tips and tricks, the artist admitted that, sometimes, putting in the work and being lucky doesn't always guarantee a spot in the finals.


McCreery shared that every contestant in American Idol is in to win, but no matter how hard they work, things can go wrong, which is why he would appreciate if the producers would consider having him on the show as a mentor.

The North Carolina singer managed to win the competition through sheer will, and his song, Five More Minutes, became a number one hit in the charts.

McCreery wrote the song with the help of Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell, with whom he learned a lot when it comes to the songwriting process. His best advice is to write about one's life.

The 24-year-old believes that one of the greatest ways for an artist to reach the top is to never be afraid to speak up and write about what he or she knows. In his case, McCreery focused on his grandfather and his love for baseball.

That is what the singer could bring to American Idol: experience, both as a contestant and a professional musician.