Warrant officer surprised his daughter at her father-daughter dance

Jun 01, 2018
01:45 A.M.
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Warrant Officer Wally Vega planned a surprise for her daughter during the night of her school’s annual Father-Daughter dance.


Jasmine Vega had no idea that her father was going to show up at the dance. She had expected that she will be spending the entire night with her uncle.

On Veterans Day last year, Officer Vega – who has been in service for over 12 years - decided to spend it with his daughter. At the time, he was based in Texas serving the country.

He flew to Philadelphia and went straight to the dance to surprise his daughter at her school. Jasmine, 14, was then a freshman student at Archbishop John Carroll High School.

Officer Vega got in touch with the school to help him plan the special surprise. Jasmine’s mother was delighted when she heard about it and helped as well.


A staff of the school made a speech about the people serving the country while Jasmine stood beside him.

Shortly after, the staff told Jasmine that they have a surprise for her. At that moment, Officer Vega emerged from the entrance of the hall.


Everybody in the crowd cheered but Jasmine was in a state of shock. She could not believe that her father was actually there. They wrapped their arms around each other in a warm, father-daughter embrace.

It was an emotional moment for the both of them. Jasmine and Officer Vega cried tears of joy.

Talking to CBS Philadelphia, Officer Vega said, “I was really nervous, my heart was racing emotions were running deep. When she started crying. I started crying. It was extremely emotional.”

At the time, it had been eight months since they last saw each other. They made sure that they cherished every single moment they had before Officer Vega had to go back to Texas again to continue serving the country.