Video of ridiculous argument dad has with 2-month-old baby daughter

Jun 04, 2018
08:48 A.M.

The video shows a father engaged in an argument with his two-month-old daughter about dating.


The video was uploaded on YouTube a channel named Rumble Viral on October 27, 2017.

Words aren’t really necessary when it comes to being imprudent. Gestures such as rolling of the eyes are enough to convey that one is not there to just play along.

A baby girl proved just that when she ended up arguing with her father. In fact, the two did not even speak the same language but understood each other well.

The father and daughter were hanging out one day when the fight began. She may have been just two months old and fluent only in gibberish, she stood her ground throughout.

The man thought it was the right time to have a conversation about dating. He starts with asking her if she understands him clearly to which she tries to say something.

He goes to say, “I don’t care if you like him. I don’t know him.” He also tells her that he was only a month old.


The father is upset that she is not listening to him and is only trying to make her point. He also warns her not to talk when he is talking.

He then makes it clear that he does not like her going out with the boy. She continues to talk to him, perhaps giving some “excuses” about continuing to see him.

She thinks it is okay for her to go out with him, even if her father thinks “she is too old for him.”

At one point, he also tells her not to talk over him. However, she still does when he tells her that she is too young to date.

The father-daughter duo argues for a good two and a half minutes even as the mother giggles at certain moments. Finally, the man realizes he cannot continue with the fight with his favorite lady.

The adorable video ends when he gives in, laughs at his lovely daughter and hugs her. The little girl wins the argument hands down.

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