Shaquille O'Neal and ex-wife are super proud of their son as he graduates from high school

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 06, 2018
09:44 A.M.
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Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal went to the graduation ceremony of one of their children, Shareef, and took to Instagram to share that special moment.


The ex-couple uploaded to their own Instagram accounts short videos portraying their eighteen-year-old son wearing the academic regalia. In Shaq’s one, Shareef was shown waiting in line for his name to be called.

One of the most surprising aspects of the video was that Shareef was several centimeters taller than most of the students in front and behind him. When he finally reached the front of the queue, he was given a certificate.

As soon as Shareef’s name was said, his family couldn’t help but cheer and shout, proving how excited they were for him finally graduating from high-school.


Shaq captioned his post admitting that he was proud of his son. Shortly after that, he uploaded a different image that portrayed him holding Shareef’s shoulder and giving him a big kiss on his cheek.

For that photo, Shaq confessed that his son would never be too old to get a kiss from his ‘pops.’ He finally congratulated Shareef, whose future seems to be linked to the professional basketball niche


Shaunie’s post, on the other hand, consisted of a two-media slideshow. The first image portrayed Shareef waiting on the queue wearing black sunglasses and looking directly at the camera.

The second one was a shorter version of him receiving the certificate.


Finally, Shareef himself also shared a slideshow with the most memorable moments of his graduation.

His collection of photos included when he held his certificate for the first time, the kiss Shaq gave him, and a family photo with his parents and siblings.


According to Body Height Weight, Shareef has been labeled as a promising basketball player as he has an impressive shooting range. Given the fact that he is 6 foot 8 inches, he has received several offers from many colleges.

So far, however, Shareef has not chosen where he will study at. All that is left to do is wait for him to do the best decision. The truth is that Shaq will be next to him helping as much as possible.