Woman who judged man for his appearance gets an eye-opening response from him

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 11, 2018
10:30 A.M.
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Andy Ross calmly clapped back at a woman who judged him for his appearance by unveiling his true identity.


On May 22, 2018, Andy, from Vancouver, Washington, took to Facebook to share the unexpected interaction he had with a mother and her young daughter.

"So I had a very interesting “educational” conversation with a woman and her daughter today," he wrote.

Andy had been working a long day on his construction site so he had some dirt around his face.

As he entered a store, he noticed a little girl staring at him intensely.

Along with her mother, the little girl ended up in front of Andy as he was checking out. She was still staring at him and her mother told her to stop staring


As they headed towards the exit, Andy heard the mother quietly told her daughter, “That is why you need to stay in school.”

"I figured this was a great time to educate this mother and her 7/8 year old daughter," he wrote.

In the conversation, Andy had some choice of words for the judgemental mother. He also pointed out why they should never judge a book by its cover.

"First, I happen to be a very educated dirty man. I not only have a high school diploma, I also have a college degree and many medical certifications.


So assuming that I am uneducated because of my appearance is actually quite ignorant in itself."

Then he pointed out that the mother's ‘life lesson’ is really degrading to her daughter’s growth and development.

"Secondly, if you are telling your daughter to stay in school because I have tattoos up and down my arms, that will actually suppress her creativity and potentially hinder her imagination as she develops."

Andy continued to talk about his tattoos and explained why they shouldn’t judge a person for having them.


"Again, contradictory to your point ma’am. I am proud of my tattoos and artwork that Forrest Bateman put on my body.

It’s a representation of my pride in my country and my service over multiple combat tours as a special operations medic."

Andy also explained about the hat he's wearing. He said that it features an "elk" because he happens to co-own Evergreen State Outdoors and that he supports his right to hunt and be a gun owner.

"Finally, I chose to work in a construction industry. I am proud to say that I am apart of building America and I enjoy my job everyday.


I tried working a desk job when I got out of the service and it wasn’t for me. I enjoy working with my hands and being outdoors."

According to Andy, he made good money, have benefits, and was able to provide for his family without any problem.

"So my appearance reflects nothing to do with my level of intelligence or pursuing a higher level of education,” he added.

Andy then left the woman and her daughter with a simple final statement: “Have a good day and try not to judge people before you know anything about them.”

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