Orphaned puppy joins family of kittens after mother was hit by car

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 05, 2018
05:09 A.M.
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The puppy named Bobby was being raised by a cat after his mother was killed by a car in Detroit.


In the YouTube video published by Michigan Humane Society on Apr 22, 2016, Bobby is seen amongst a litter of kittens.

He was just a couple of days old when his mother was hit by a car in Detroit.

The poor puppy has been transferred to the Michigan Humane Society from a rescue group that did not have the resources.

Bobby had to be placed with somebody to nurse and raise him.

Though the only available mother for him was a cat, he was still very much at home.

In fact, the little puppy can be seen in the video messing around with his siblings and nuzzling up to his new mother named Gwen.


Luckily, Bobby has grown healthy.

The video, titled 'Newborn Puppy and his Cat Family,' has gone viral, with more than 2.6 million views and more than 5,000 likes.

A lot of YouTubers also placed their thoughts via comments.


Lydia Brockmeyer wrote: 'So happy there is a caring place for these little orphans. Too many cold hearted places. Great job guys. Makes me want to move to your area of the country. '

'Animals are very adaptive & this happens quite often. Sometimes it's momma dog nursing orphan kittens :) The mother instinct is an amazing force,' commented NarnianLady.

YouTuber Rahul Modgil noticed that Bobby is exhibiting a cat behavior, pointing out his tail 'while it is feeding and playing with glitter-ball.'

'God knew this little guy needed a mom to live and wanted to teach us humans a lesson at the same time. Love can conquer any difference,' Beverly Last name wrote.

Merry Murphy also commented, saying: 'So adorable. Great looking kittens, too. I hope somebody adopts the puppy and one of the kittens so they can be together. '

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