Reginae Carter shows off boxing skills at the gym following reports of alleged arrest

Jun 06, 2018
01:42 A.M.
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Lil Wayne’s teenage daughter Reginae Carter and her boyfriend YFN Lucci were detained by police in Tennessee. The reason for the arrest is still unknown, but they were released a few hours after. Now harm was done and they are back to their normal lives.


Lil Wayne’s teenage daughter Reginae Carter and her boyfriend YFN Lucci were detained by police in Tennessee four days ago, but they have since been released. An eye witness saw the whole thing and reported that the couple had been apprehended.

“They weren’t under arrest, but for some reason, the cops felt it necessary to detain them at least for a few hours.” 


At the time when this happened, there was no clear reason for the arrest but people started jumping to conclusions when they saw the viral video. Most believed the teenager is courting trouble by dating Lucci.

“This girl never been in any kind of trouble her whole life and now all of a sudden. The thug life ain’t for you sis. What happens when you wanna be in that life so bad. Smart decisions Lil mama. That dad you always bragging about worked so hard so you never even had to step foot in the hood. Lucci wrong af forever having her around a crowd she shouldn’t be around anyway. So quick to be down and try to end up with the pics in the shade room. When you thought you were ready to be a ride or die chick.”


Basically, the comments revolved around her boyfriend, letting Carter know that he wasn’t right for her clean-cut image. “Hood boyfriends are the best they said. When are these young girls gonna learn? This is Not how college goes….. I pray its a misunderstanding no one needs or deserve jail. This isn’t gonna end well this reckless lifestyle young free and in love…Don’t we all know this stage????”

Wgile Carter said she hadn’t gone to jail - “I’m okay guys. I am not in jail btw,” – some eyewitnesses claim they were handcuffed and questioned about a shooting that took place in one of Lucci’s shows.

Lil’ Wayne is yet to comment on this incidence.