Grandson used pizza delivery man to check on grandma after Hurricane Matthew

When there was no possibility of knowing the whereabouts of his grandmother, the grandson had the most creative of ideas.

A video uploaded to YouTube by KMTV News info reported about Eric Olsen, a man from Nebraska, who ordered a pizza for his grandmother living in the Hurricane Matthew affected area of Florida, just to check if she was okay.

The source reported that Eric didn't hear from his grandmother in over two days, which got him worried about her safety. She lived alone in Palm Coast, Florida.

Eric tried contacting the police department and the sheriff's department but he didn't receive any answer, which got him even more worried.

With no other way of contacting his grandmother, he came up with a unique idea of reaching out to her. He began thinking about the people who could get to her grandmother and he could only think of the pizza delivery service, Papa John's.

He ordered the pizza for his grandmother with a special instruction for the delivery guy to give him a call once the pizza was delivered.

The delivery driver on duty was Lance Tyler tracked down Claire's home and knocked on her door. When Claire saw the pizza, she first told him that she hadn't placed any orders.

She went into a state of shock when Tyler told her that it was from her grandson. Then he made the call to Eric and gave her the phone.

"Her expression was just priceless," Tyler told the news source. He also added that it topped every tip he had ever received while delivering pizza.

The source also commended the care shown by Eric for his grandmother reporting that no toppings on the menu could have been better than the concern he had shown for Claire.

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