Hoax victim warns other women about 'pulling a pig' dating prank

Jun 07, 2018
01:56 A.M.
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Sophie Stevenson, in a brave move, decided to speak publicly about being victimized by a dating prank called “pulling a pig.”


In August 2017, Stevenson thought she had met her first love. She was on a getaway trip in Barcelona when she met Dutchman Jesse Mateman.

The pair got to know each other and talked every day even after the trip was over.

Soon enough, after Mateman said that he wanted to visit Stevenson only that he did not have the luxury of time, 24-year-old Stevenson suggested that she was going to visit him in Amsterdam instead.

According to The Sun, she spent £350 to get to Amsterdam just to see him again. When Stevenson arrived at the airport, she was shocked when Mateman did not come to fetch her. Then, she received a text from him that read, ‘You’ve been pigged.’


The prank “pulling a pig” is fairly popular among young men. The group of male friends decides who the ugliest girl in a bunch is and one of the men will make a move on that girl just to amuse the others.

After Stevenson had fallen victim to Mateman’s games, she decided that she wanted to tell her story to raise awareness to other girls and help them avoid such pranks.


“Boys and their friends think it’s funny but they don’t think how scary it is for girls. It wasn’t just being stood up, it was the shock and confusion. I panicked,” shared Stevenson during an interview with The Sun.

As for Mateman, he released an initial statement suggesting that all the things Stevenson said were not true. He said that nothing happened between him and the 24-year-old and he also denied being in love with her.

After some time, he revised his story and confessed that he and Stevenson had spent a night together. Although, he was insisted that he had not kept contact with her after their stay in Barcelona.

Stevenson claimed that what happened to her changed her life. For her, so much more needs to be done to end this type of culture among men. For more stories like this, check out our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.