Police filled woman's fridge after she was caught stealing groceries for her children

Jun 07, 2018
09:58 A.M.
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Two officers of law enforcement approached a woman for larceny but ended up making a heartfelt move rather than a quick arrest.


According to a Facebook post from Hillsborough Police Department official page, Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw and Officer First Class Candace Spragins drove to the home of a woman who allegedly robbed a local grocery, Food Lion.

However, when they arrived at the woman's home, they were deeply moved by the starved condition of the woman's children. The officers then decided to help the family instead and ended up buying them groceries to fill up their refrigerator.

The officers further discovered that the amount of food that the woman stole was worth only $36 and she did not hesitate to return the food she had stolen.


She also apologized for stealing the food as she broke down crying. The officers discovered that the woman was a single mother with three adopted children, who were starving, and she could not make enough money to feed them.

Explaining her recent injury as the reason she was incapable of working and bringing home money required for the supplies for her family, she confessed the shocking reality that her children had not eaten in three days.


Bradshaw and Spragins investigated the woman's refrigerator to confirm her story. When they found it to be empty, they did not waste anymore second to decide what had to be done.

They quickly went to the grocery and paid for all the food that the store alleged the woman of stealing.

Another video posted on Facebook by WRAL TV revealed the woman showing her refrigerator full of groceries, thanks to the kindness of the two officers.

By paying for the family's grocery needs the law enforcers showed a generous and kind-hearted side to their job.