Magic Johnson gets slammed after sharing birthday message to his gay son E. J.

Magic Johnson, one of the most famous former NBA players of all times, has been receiving backlash over two photos he uploaded on his Instagram account.

The images, which were uploaded on June 4, represented Magic’s way to honor his son, E.J., on his birthday. The first picture of the two-part slideshow portrayed E.J. and Magic about 20 years ago.

For the second one, Magic chose a more recent one wherein his son and wife were next to him. The proud father wrote in the caption that E.J. was helping change the world.

Magic then asked him to continue being his best self and walking with ‘authenticity, passion, and ambition.’ As soon as he uploaded the post on his Instagram account, some of his followers started making negative comments on it

The things that those ‘haters’ couldn’t stand was that Magic was showing his support to E.J., who is gay. One of the users who attacked Magic was Austin Tripp.

He commented that even though he had no room to judge, he couldn’t understand how a man would let his son turn into what E.J. has 'become'. Tripp pointed out that if the family actually believed in God, they would have set E.J. on the right path.

Another Instagram user, @matthewg82889525, asked Magic that if E.J. was born a man, he should keep being a man and that he had no right to change that. Finally, the user wished E.J. a happy birthday.

While there were many people who did nothing but criticize the Johnsons only because they support E.J,’s sexuality, Magic and his wife, Cookie, have always been public about how much they love and care about their son.

In 2013, they had a conversation with Oprah, who asked them how it had been the coming-out process for them. Cookie revealed that she talked to E.J. when he was just a teenager and he told him the truth.

For Magic, the news was a bit more shocking. However, he told his son that he would support him no matter what, and that’s exactly what he has been doing since the very first day he came out.

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