Mike Tyson's little daughter plays piano in fluffy red dress in recent video

Jun 08, 2018
01:48 P.M.
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Mike Tyson may be a toughie in the ring, but he is a whole different man when with his kids. The former pro boxer was recently spotted doing his daughter’s bidding at the Kids' Choice Award on Saturday night. He is quite the doting dad.


Mike Tyson may have once been regarded as the toughest guy on the ring, but he is a different man when in his kids’ company. The former boxer attended the Kids' Choice Award on Saturday night with his family and he looked every bit the doting father and husband. 


Tyson, 51, posed proudly with his 9-year-old daughter Milan, sons Miguel, 15, Morocco and wife Lakiha Spicer. Spicer looked effortlessly chic as she is known to while Milan wore a denim jacket and a cute pink t-shirt. For the better part of the action-packed event, Jackson had his arm wrapped around his daughter.

A few days before this outing, the boxing legend posted a photo of him and his son training in the house, Miguel, who seems to have inherited his father’s skills, three ferocious uppercuts and bops and weaves as his father slowly backed off.


Tyson wasn’t nicknamed 'The Baddest Man On The Planet’ for nothing. He was the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion in the 1980s but that winning streak was brought to an end by a 1992 conviction. He was accused and convicted for raping a teenage beauty queen, Desiree Washington, in Indiana and served three years in prison. 

He came back from prison only to get into another scandal after he bit rival Evander Holyfield on both ears in 1997, an altercation that led to a temporary suspension from boxing. He then retired from professional boxing in 2006, but not before filing for bankruptcy in 2003.

Back to Milan, the apple of her father’s eyes. While she may not be a boxer like her elder brother, she is a budding tennis player. Who knows, she could be the Serena Williams of her generation. And she plays piano too.

The Tyson family is intact and beautiful despite all they have been through together.