The real reason why Dolly Parton never had children

Jun 11, 2018
04:56 A.M.
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The famous singing star opened up about the special connection she shared with all the children.


In a 2017 interview on Today, iconic musician Dolly Parton opened up about the real reason why she never had any children.

In the episode of the program uploaded to YouTube, Parton explained that she believed had planned for everyone, so she did not have any children so that all the other children could be hers.

Parton has been involved in several charity works focused on children including the foundation of Imagination Library that promotes children's literacy by donating books to children all over the world.


She also released a children's album I Believe in You, which is comprised of songs created especially for the children.

“God has a plan for everything. I think it probably was his plan for me not to have kids so everybody’s kids could be mine. And they are now,” Parton told during the interview.


The interviewers further inquired her why she was so great with children and why children always shared a special connection with her.

Parton had a very humble and hilarious answer to that explaining that she has a "high-pitched voice" and an "over-exaggerated character" which reminds the children of a special nursery rhyme character, "Mother Goose."


“I look like Mother Goose or one of those over-exaggerated characters, and kids just relate to that," she told the interviewer.

Back in 2014, Parton revealed in The Guardian interview that she and her husband were happy that they never had children, although the couple had planned about it initially when they got married.

Parton revealed that if they had a girl, they were going to name it Carla. However, it was never "never meant to be."