Emotional moment when crying donkeys say goodbye to a friend that passed

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 19, 2018
01:07 P.M.
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The video showed how all the donkeys reacted when one of their own, Bram, passed away on their farm.


The clip was uploaded on YouTube by a channel named Stichting de Ezelshoeve on February 27, 2016.

Much of Bram’s life was spent in neglect. During his final days, however, he was not lonely. He was surrounded by many who loved him.

The old donkey was in poor health when he was rescued from his former owner. He was then sent to live inside a stable, an experience completely new to him.

At a sanctuary called The Donkey Farm Foundation in the Netherlands, he bonded with others probably for the first time in his life.

Speaking to The Dodo, sanctuary founder Jacqueline van den Berg, said, “Bram lived with us for one and a half year and we nursed him. We gave him all the medication he needed and a lot of love.”


Unfortunately, he could no longer continue his fight owing to the deteriorating conditions of his lungs. He passed away leaving his friends emotional

When his loved ones realized that he was no more among them, a touching scene unfolded. All his friends gathered around him to bid him goodbye.


Van den Berg said that Bram was an important part of their herd and had earned their respect.

The leader of the pack, the black and white donkey, is seen biting him. He is not angry but wants his friend to wake up even as the other donkeys are mourning deeply.

According to the sanctuary, the leader was Bram’s best friend and he is unable to accept that his friend is dead. He stumbles over Bram’s neck urging him to get up.

For many, this could come as a surprise to see donkeys realize they have lost their loved one and to express their emotions. However, like all animals, donkeys, too, have emotion and experience pain.

The founder said that it was the same reaction every time a donkey passes away. Van den Berg pointed out that everyone was actually crying and that it was not the same sound as braying.

He added that donkeys make friends for like and can even die of grief. 

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