Paris Jackson cleaned radio presenter Michael Jackson's Hollywood star

Cheryl Kahla
Jun 17, 2018
06:58 A.M.
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The 20-year-old Paris Jackson was outraged when vandals desecrated the Hollywood Star of a celebrity who shared her father's name. 


The King of Pop's only daughter cleaned the radio broadcaster's star. She later uploaded a photo of the Star to Instagram, writing in the caption that some people 'have no respect.' 

She added that there's a difference between the radio emblem on the presenter's star and the record emblem on her father's star, but added that 'a name is a name.' 

The founder of Tings Magazine, Vas J Morgan, commended her on Twitter and said her actions moved him to tears. 


He was also angry at the vandals 'who would dare deface anything to do' with Michael Jackson and apologized that she had to endure the disrespect. 

Paris responded to his tweet, saying it was not her father's star, but that it was still his name, and added that a little acetone was all she needed to remove the graffiti. 


Paris was at a friend's place nearby when she was informed of the vandalism, less than a block away. They bought acetone and supplies from the local Walgreens and set out to clean the star. 

Looking back, she doesn't think the vandals specifically targetted her father's Star, or the radio presenter's Star for the matter, saying it was probably just young kids messing around.


'I don’t think it was intentionally targeted it at him. But to me, a name is a name, and I couldn’t just hear about it and not go see it for myself.'

Paris Jackson, Twitter. June 14, 2018.

Her fans and friends also commended her on social media. Rykard, the founder of R-Live Supplements, shared photos of Paris cleaning the star. 


He wrote in the caption that he had 'so much love and respect for this,' while Eric Lee Mulwa thanked Paris for making it sparkle again. 

Zac Green said she restored his faith in humanity, while Lester Payton thanked her 'for helping another Michael Jackson' and added that 'a great name is a great name.' 

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