5 warning symptoms of colon cancer everyone should know at any age

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 22, 2018
12:40 A.M.

Knowing the symptoms of colon cancer and understanding your risks may prevent this cancer from happening to you, or help you catch it as early as possible.


Colon cancer is one of the most prominent and dangerous forms of cancer. It starts with the buildup of polyps along the wall of the colon; as these polyps reproduce, they present the patient with serious digestive problems.

If the polyps remain benign, meaning non-cancerous, typically they only present the patient with discomfort; however, if they become cancerous, they can cause cancer cells to spread throughout this and other parts of the body.

According to a Prevention report, many cases of colon cancer have no symptoms or warning signs until cancer has advanced. However, the following symptoms may indicate colon cancer.

Of course, other conditions can cause the same symptoms, such as hemorrhoids, infection, etc., so patients should always consult their doctor if they experience any of the following symptoms

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Source: Shutterstock


1. Anemia

A diagnosis of anemia may be the first sign that you’re bleeding internally, even if you haven’t seen any signs of it. If you experience any signs of anemia, such as fatigue, skin pallor or dizziness, see a doctor, it could be a symptom of colon cancer.

2. Rectal bleeding

Blood in the stool is a warning sign, especially if it appears often. In fact, this can be a sign of the presence of tumors in the colon; as the tumors grow or spread, they’re torn by waste passing through the body, leading to bright red blood in the stool.

Although blood in the stool isn’t always a sign of colon cancer, it’s reason enough to have a conversation about the matter with your doctor

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Source: Shutterstock


3. Involuntary weight loss

A sudden loss of weight can accompany the emergence of colon cancer, but it’s rarely a direct sign of the problem. Instead, weight loss is usually the result of another sign of colorectal cancer: abdominal discomfort or pain.

Put simply, if it becomes too uncomfortable or painful to process food, an individual will consciously or even subconsciously limit or stop their consumption of food.

4. Difficulty going number-two

If going to the bathroom presents you with significant pain or discomfort, there may be a problem. If it’s difficult to pass waste out of the body, this may be a sign that something inside the colon is not right.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock


5. Abdominal cramping, pain, or gas

Everyone gets a bout of gas or cramping from time to time, but if it’s unshakable, that could be a colon cancer symptom.

Polyps and tumors affect how your digestion operates, creating more inflammation the colon, so you may notice changes like feeling full faster, or that your bowel isn’t emptying completely after you go to the bathroom.

You can lower your risk of colorectal cancer by eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, and cutting down on red and processed meats.

Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight will also help protect you from rectal and colon cancer. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

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