Baby boy who lost both legs after sickening abuse by parents appears on 'Morning' show

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 22, 2018
04:52 A.M.
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Viewers of This Morning were touched after 3-year-old Tony appeared on the show and blew everyone away with his innocence.


Tony was joined by his foster parents, Paula and Mark Hogell, on an episode of the morning talk show, This Morning. The Hogells adopted Tony after his birth parents abused him.

The abuse was very severe and resulted in Tony losing both of his legs. When Tony was 41 days old, he was admitted to the hospital with multiple-organ failure and sepsis. 

The medical condition was caused by a fracture that took place after he was swung around being held by his ankles. After he was discharged, he was adopted by Paula and Mark Hogell from Kent.

He was frequently visited by his birth parents, 47-year-old Tony Smith and 24-year-old Jody Simpson. The couple claimed that the injuries were accidental


The police had closed their case due to lack of evidence. Paula and Mark petitioned their Member of Parliament and their police commissioner that led to the arrest of Smith and Simpson in February 2018.

The pair was sentenced to 10 years of jail time.

Paula and Mark already had seven children together before they adopted Tony. Paula shared that she was not aware of the injuries suffered by Tony before they took him in their shelter.


She recalled that the officials told her that Tony's limbs were broken. She believed that his broken bones would mend in time. When she met Tony and heard his complete story, she was very upset.

She broke down and could not believe that Tony had to go through the horrible experience. The doctors told them that when Tony arrived at the hospital, he was seconds away from death. They believed that he had no chance to survive.


When the little boy joined the hosts of This Morning, he was mesmerized by the set and was amazed when he spotted himself on TV. He shared that he loved animated character Peppa Pig.

The show offered the Hogells a trip to Peppa Pig World, a theme park based on the character at Paulton's Park in England. Tony looked very happy when he learned that he could go to the theme park.

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