'DWTS' star Kym Herjavec shares adorable snap of newborn twins for Father's Day

Cheryl Kahla
Jun 19, 2018
10:55 A.M.

Kym Herjavec, the 41-year-old professional ballroom dancer and proud mom of newborn twins, took to social media and wished her husband a happy Father's Day.


She shared an adorable black-and-white photo on Sunday, showing herself and her husband, Robert Herjavec, cuddling twins Hudson Robert and Haven Mae. They were born in April.

In the caption, Kym also wrote: 'No words can describe how much I love you.' The couple met in 2015 when she was partnered with Robert on Dancing With The Stars.

They announced their engagement five months later and exchanged vows back in July. News that she was expecting twins made headlines last year December.


Kym is a first-time mother, but Robert has three children - daughters Caprice and Skye, and son Brendan - from his first marriage to Diane Plese.

They divorced four years ago, after 24 years of marriage, and the deterioration of his first marriage led to Robert contemplating suicide.

In an exclusive interview with People three years ago, he said that he "just wanted to end it," and wanted to end "a terribly difficult year" by jumping from his hotel room balcony.


Instead, he reached out to his pastor for help, who suggested he volunteer at a soup kitchen in Seattle. The Shark Tank billionaire remarked that nobody knew who he was.

Helping the people he met at the shelter soon put his problems into perspective, and he found new meaning in life. At one stage, he bought all the socks at a local Wallmart.

When he left Seattle, he was 'humbled, raw and looking for a new experience' when Dancing With The Stars offered him a spot on the reality search talent show.

That's where he met Kym, the new love of his life, and the rest is history. Fans of the pair can follow Kym's exploits on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of their life with her 244,000 followers.

Robert is currently filming Shark Tank Meets Shark Week and the documentary will be released in July. To stay informed, follow our Twitter page, AmoMama USA.

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