'Sesame Street' actor Roscoe Orman's love child is all grown up after being hidden for 31 years

Claudine Varela
Jun 19, 2018
10:49 P.M.
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Roscoe Orman is the subject of his estranged daughter's recent Father's Day post after he neglected her for three decades. She exposed her true feelings for the man who was never around in a heartwarming message accompanied by a poem.


He was a loving father on his long-running show ‘Sesame Street’ but Roscoe Orman, better known as Gordon on the popular television show, probably has his own regrets about his being a father in real life. On Father’s Day, his daughter he neglected for 31 years laid out her truth in a scorching post addressed to the man that caused her so much pain growing up.



Kalah Hill, Roscoe daughter out of wedlock had a lot to say to her father who opted to stay out of her life while he was busy with his other family and career. And she thought it best to lay out her feelings through a poem that reminded her of him on Father’s Day. 

“The Shape of Color ..:.the shape of night,the shape of day,the shape of color,the shape of us.What holds all this?Who made this miraculous moldand then too, cast everything.Imagine the formthat poured all forms,and then try to conceive the Beingthat whittled out the Holy Spiritfrom a single thoughtthat took over the Inconceivable.What can entwine all this in its arms?What a container that must be. – Hafiz”


Explaining her emotions, Kalah accompanied her poem with a heartfelt message addressed to her estranged father.

“Dear Father. I know you through me. I see you when I look in the mirror. The truth of not having you around as I grew up exists and the truth of LOVE also exists. Thank you for showing me that I get to choose which world I exist in. This poem reminded me of you” 

While Roscoe made millions of children happy along with the muppets on ‘Sesame Street’, his own daughter was left in the dark, longing for a father’s love. He sired Kalah while his then-wife Sharon Orman was pregnant with their third child, son Miles. Kalah’s mother Deborah Hill who Roscoe had a one-night-stand with while on the road with the ‘Sesame Street’ cast, filed for a lawsuit then to which the 74-year-old responded by paying her child support until Kalah was 18. He also put his estranged daughter through college. 


31 years later, Kalah opened up, revealing the pain of having grown up without a father through a throwback photo and a poem about a ‘Love Child’.

“kalah.hill: LOVE CHILD 

Where do you come from?/ Magic. 

Why are you here?/ I decided it so.

One night encounter./Magnetism pulled and they had to.

There could be no planning for me.

Things like this never go as planned.

Risky, I know./ Provocative, I know.

We LOVE CHILDREN are here to stir the pot.

Our legitimacy is not defined by society.

Rather our outcasting is the fuel for our brilliance.

My Mother and Father./Never married.

One night./That’s all I needed. 

#lovechild #legitconception #determinedtocomethrough



But all that seemed to have been buried in the past because on January 2017, Kalah posted a photo with her long lost pop. She alluded to reaching a place of forgiveness in the meaningful caption she wrote,

“Sometimes in life we get to come full circle. #blessed #lineage #healingfamily.”

If the hashtags are an indication, their reunion was as much a blessing as a journey to healing their wounds brought about by their indifferent past.  

Kalah is now a mother of two young children and one thing is certain, she’s determined to keep them close to her, learning for her father’s biggest mistake.