Teen sentenced to death for killing rapist husband shares her story

Jun 22, 2018
06:00 P.M.

The young girl was married off by her family in her teens despite her pleas that she had no interest in the man, and was then raped by her husband with the help of his family.


Noura Hussein of Sudan was just 15 years old when her family told her that she was getting married to a man she had never met. The man had told her uncle that he had seen her and wanted her for his wife.

When her family informed her of their plans, she was devastated. She had always wanted to finish school, study, and become a judge. With the news of her impending marriage, all her hopes had been dashed.

The teenager shared her side of the story, and CNN translated the story to share her awful story with the world.

Hussein repeatedly told her parents that she did not want to marry. She even ran away to Sinnar to her aunt's house in an effort to escape her fate, but they simply brought her back.


Unfortunately, just two weeks after the request for her hand had been put in, the religious ceremony took place.

But her parents did give her one reprieve. They promised to allow her to finish school. During those three years, whenever he visited her parents' home, she would leave to avoid him.

Shortly after her final school exam, Hussein was forced to marry the man she had so vehemently denied she wanted anything to do with. She had even told him that she did not want him to his face.


While the man's family is wealthy, Hussein was adamant that she had never taken a single penny from him for anything.

Sitting at the hairdressers before her wedding, she contemplated suicide, desperate for any way out of her horrible fate.

After the usual rituals that come with a marriage ceremony, she cried in the car, and tried to continuously move away from him in the car as he moved nearer to her.


When they arrived at the honeymoon flat, she locked herself in a room and went to sleep fully clothed. After three days of this, he threatened to break the door down if she didn't come out.

She refused, and when he finally went to sleep she sneaked out of her room and tried to escape, only to find the door of the flat was locked.

Nine days after the wedding, he had called on his relatives for help. When she refused to go to the bedroom, his uncle dragged her there by the arm. His cousin slapped her, and then they all began tearing at her clothing.

His uncle held her down by the legs, and his cousins held her arms down. Her husband then proceeded to rape her as she screamed and sobbed. Afterwards, she was left naked and bleeding on the bed.

When he tried to rape her again the next day, she struggled with him, and discovered there was a knife under the pillow. She grabbed it, and they started to grapple with it. Eventually, she stabbed him and ran out.


She ran to her parents' home, hoping they would help her, but instead they turned her over to the police, where she discovered he had died of his wounds.

In Sudan, the legal age for marriage is just 10 years old, and marital rape is not considered to be a crime. Unfortunately for her, stabbing her 35-year-old husband to death is.

Hussein was sentenced to death for trying to defend herself from a man who would force himself on her. At the moment, she is appealing her sentence.

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