Man charged with attempted murder for 'baptizing' his wife and children

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 29, 2018
10:31 A.M.
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A man tried to drown his wife and children through a 'baptism' because he wanted them to be happy and go to Heaven.


Leslie Kelly, a 36-year-old resident from Chapmanville, West Virginia, was arrested on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, after his wife, whose name is yet to be revealed. managed to dial 911.

According to Fox 11, when the police officers arrived, they found Kelly's wife standing outside of the residence, soaking wet, with her two children by her side.

The children, aged three and six, were crying and the woman was visibly shaken. Kelly was already expecting to be arrested considering that he was waiting inside for the proper authorities to come in


According to Kelly, who repeatedly tried to justify his actions to the police officers, said that he was only doing God's work, and that he had been ordered to 'baptize' his family members. 

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Deputy Barry Mynes Jr. claimed that Kelly believed that he was doing the right thing, but as he heard the story being told by Kelly's wife, it seemed that he was truly trying to kill them.

The scared wife told the police that her husband grabbed her first and guided her towards the bathroom, where forcefully held her underwater in the bathtub.


The woman managed to break free and Kelly turned his attention to the children, who kept on kicking, screaming and crying as they tried to escape their father's hands.

Kelly is now being held at the Southwestern Regional Jail on a $100,000 bond. He has been charged with attempted murder, domestic battery and child abuse creating the risk of serious injury. Whether he has an attorney or not is yet to be known.