6-year-old girl who kept passing out over a 3-year-period was diagnosed with a scary disease

Jun 26, 2018
05:07 A.M.
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Brooke and Blake Abate had no idea why their little daughter, Jayla, would pass out regularly. The doctors could not diagnose the reason for about three years.


The family started a GoFundMe account on July 7, 2016, to help them meet their angel’s medical expenses.

Born on September 29, 2008, Jayla Abate spent about three weeks at the hospital as doctors treated her infection. The parents of the little girl were over the moon when she finally returned home.

About four months later, things changed drastically for the family. Jayla and her mother, Brooke Abate, were in a car accident. The baby was safe, but her mother hurt her back and was unable to work any longer. 

The family now had to survive on the girl's father, Blake Abate. They were able to get by with until he was put on permanent disability after a horrific car crash.


One day, when Jayla was getting ready for school, she just fell over.  Her mother explained, "She was white and unresponsive.  I called 911, and they took her to the hospital," reported The Daily Advertiser.

The little girl returned home after the doctors said it was a virus that affected her.

However, she would pass out on a regular basis. She was admitted to the hospital, but the doctors did not have an answer.


She was also sent to Tulane University, New Orleans, for neurological testing but the specialists were not successful in identifying the cause.

Jayla was facing the health scare for almost three years without any clue about why the reason or diagnosis. 

On July 21, 2015, she passed out three times and was taken to Women and Children's Hospital in an air ambulance. Brooke got a call from a cardiologist to tell her that Jayla had a sick heart and that she would need a pacemaker for the rest of her life.


She was diagnosed with Sick Sinus Syndrome in which the heart’s natural pacemaker does functional accurately, causing it to stop beating.

Jayla was taken to the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, and a pacemaker was inserted into her heart on June 24. Days after she returned home, Brooke noticed that the incision seemed to be infected.


The little girl was taken back to Women and Children’s hospital, and the doctors gave her antibiotics to fight the infection in her wound.

Brooke confessed that the times were hard for the family, but her daughter has stayed strong throughout the ordeal. She requested for help to pay for the medical expenses.

The family received a donation of close to $4,000 after it was created about two years ago.

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