Ice-T's little daughter stole the spotlight posing like a pro in denim jacket at father's concert

Aby Rivas
Jun 26, 2018
11:49 A.M.
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Coco Austin and her adorable mini-me, Chanel, are currently traveling around Europe with Ice-T’s heavy metal band, Body Count. The two-year-old has been rocking with her mom to her dad’s music, and she seems to have taken a liking for the stage already.


Ice-T is not only a talented rapper, but he’s also a great heavy metal vocalist on his band Body Count, founded in 1992. The group is currently traveling around Europe, bringing their music to enthusiast fans, and they will be visiting 31 countries in 34 days.

The 60-years-old performer took his wife, Coco Austin and their adorable daughter, Chanel Nicole, with him, and the girls are having the time of their life, as shown on Coco’s Instagram account.


The model, known for her controversial nude shots and for dressing her daughter like her mini-me, has been sharing videos and photos of every stop of the tour. Little Chanel is already a rock star, as she takes the stage every night with her mom to help her dad “drop the mic” in one of his songs.


In one of the recent photos uploaded by Coco to her Instagram account, Chanel looks stunning wearing a denim jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, grey pants and silver glittering shoes. The girl has learned how to pose from her mom, and in the pic, she looks sassy with her hands on her waist showing off her painted nails.


Austin mentioned in her caption that her daughter is now aware of her role at Ice-T’s concert, so she naturally wants to look good. 

The two-year-old girl is very outspoken, and according to Coco, the girl has her father’s sassy character and her mother’s lovely personality. Austin told People magazine of her daughter that:

“She is very sassy. She knows it all. She tells you everything that you should know. She teaches you. You’re like, “Wait a minute, what are you saying to me?” She’ll have full conversations with you about how the world goes. And she uses her hands too. She talks with her hands.”


At her age, Chanel is already speaking in full sentences and saying big words like “delicious” or “fantastic,” and Austin thinks that is because she and her husband don’t use baby talk with the girl, they speak to her as if she was a real adult.

Austin confessed months after he daughter was born that she didn’t want her to go into the modeling industry. However, she admitted that that would be hard considering that she’s always pushing a camera to the girl’s face and she loves it. But now, Austin has to acknowledge that her daughter is a performer, even if she didn’t want her to go down that path in life.


“She’s definitely a performer, which I was a little worried about because I don’t really want her to be a performer,” Austin said. “That’s how her parents are. I think she’s going to, naturally.” 

And she added:

“I was trying to push against that a little bit. Maybe [encourage her] to be a rocket scientist. I don’t know, something I’m not. But it seems like she’s going in my direction.”

Chanel loves to hold a microphone, and she’s not afraid of the stage or standing in front of a big crowd, as proved by her appearances at her father’s shows. Even though right now she seems to love the cameras and attention, we’ll have to wait and see what she’ll choose once she grows up.