Here's why Shania Twain has never bought her son a birthday present

Jun 26, 2018
11:43 P.M.
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Iconic singer Shania Twain, who came from a humble background, is careful about not wanting to spoil her only child.


Popular songstress Shania Twain may have achieved great success and acclaim in her art, however, as a parent, she took extra effort to raise her only son, 16-year-old Eja, without the air of being a celebrity child.

In an interview with Mirror, Twain spoke about her parenting style, stating that she had never bought Eja a birthday gift.

Twain explained that as a child, she grew up in a family that had serious financial constraints.

Growing up in Canada with limited means, Twain’s childhood was nothing like the prosperous, comfortable life she built with the help of her musical career.


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Twain shared that her mother would make several phone calls to performance venues around them, in order to promote her daughter’s singing talent and get her live gigs.

This caused their phone bills to be extremely high, making it difficult for the family to make ends meet at a time when they could not afford to buy groceries.

And when Twain became a successful artist and a mother who can offer her child a comfortable lifestyle, she did not forget the lessons she learned in her childhood.


Twain considered it important for parents not to overpamper their children. She revealed that had to consciously try not to give in to all of Eja’s wants.

Not buying him a birthday present is part of this parenting goal – Eja has never known to expect a gift from Twain on his birthday. However, she revealed that she did bake him a special birthday cake every year.

Twain was clear that she did not want her son to live a superficial life surrounded by materialistic things like gifts, particularly when there are many less privileged people in the world.

The singer also revealed that Eja was given only three gifts on Christmas Eve, which is also celebrated modestly.


However, Eja would often receive gifts from other people, and any such gifts that remained unused by Eja for more than a month would be given to charity.

Twain clarified that she had no intention of depriving her son of his needs.

She stated that she was not someone who would pretend to be poor despite being wealthy enough to meet their child’s needs.

As someone who understood the value of money early on in her life, she was keen on providing her son a modest yet comfortable childhood.