Woman finds her husband at the airport with another woman

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 28, 2018
12:46 P.M.

The wife found out about her husband’s mistress and caught them just in time before the cheating couple got on the plane for their supposedly romantic getaway.


The unnamed wife was unable to control her rage when she saw her husband and his mistress and caused a scene at the airport.

The video footage taken by another passenger which was uploaded on YouTube on May 8th showed stunned passengers watching the entire altercation going down.

The wife can be seen attacking the husband’s mistress at José María Córdova International Airport in Colombia.

According to the Mirror, the wife attacked the illegal couple after she found out they were sneaking off on a romantic getaway.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Insults from the wife can be heard on the short clip where she is seen grabbing a handful of the mistress’ hair.Follow us on Twitter for more stories like this. Visit AmoMama USA


The husband attempts to separate his wife’s intense grip from his mistress’ hair but he was unsuccessful.

Speaking in Spanish, the wife can be heard yelling, “On Saturday you were going to take me out with the little one and today you’re taking her."

She continued, “Get rid of her or I’ll cause a scandal right now. I’m not going to let go. Hit me if you want so they throw you in jail.”

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

The wife also called the husband’s lover a “prepago” which means a prostitute on the video that has been viewed more than 485,000 times since it was published.

She also accused her husband of being a “fake” and a “liar.”


Despite the wife’s forceful grip on her hair, the mistress remained calm and silent during the entire fight.

An employee of the airport is shown watching the drama. With the video lasting less than a minute, it was not made clear if any of the airport authorities were forced to stop the altercation.

No reports also revealed whether anybody was arrested after the scene went down.

The footage ended with the wife still enraged and still gripping the mistress’ dark hair.

As revealed by the Mirror, the husband and his lover were supposed to be flying off to a popular spot in Cartagena, which is Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

It has not been confirmed if the husband and the mistress were able to leave the airport and make their flight.


The IFS Studies reported that a recent General Social Survey showed that more men are more likely to have an affair than women.

20 percent of males admitted that they had had other sexual partners apart from their spouses while married on the survey. As for women, results showed only 13 percent.

Although, the difference between the number of men and women being unfaithful also varies by age, as shown in the survey. Women aging from 18 to 29 are more likely to have an extramarital affair compared to men.

But the situation is reversed for the people aging from 30 to 34. At that age, men are more likely to commit adultery than women.

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