Jahi McMath who was declared brain-dead almost 5 years ago has died

Jun 29, 2018
04:06 P.M.
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17-year-old Jahi McMath from California finally ended her battle after fighting for five years since she was declared brain dead by her doctors.


As reported by the Bay Area News Group, McMath’s life-support machines were removed after she experienced internal bleeding and kidney issues after her surgery.

The machines were the only things keeping her alive for the past five years.

The teenager passed away on June 22nd. More details about her death on our Twitter page. Follow us at AmoMama USA.

The McMath family attorney named Christopher Dolan informed the media outlet that the young girl’s brain would be preserved for scientists to study it.


An emotional Nailah Winkfield, McMath’s mother, also spoke with the Bay Area News Group.

She expressed her grief and devastation upon losing her daughter who had gone through multiple surgeries since April.

“Everything I did revolved around Jahi. I think Jahi will be remembered forever because she defied all of the odds. My wish is for her to get some laws changed around brain death,” she said.


Winkfield added that the only regret she had was having her daughter’s tonsils removed.

In 2013, the McMath family became known nationally after Winkfield insisted not to remove her daughter from life support even though doctors had already declared her brain dead.

McMath was 13 then and she underwent an intricate nose and throat surgery at the time.

The family went through a legal battle with the hospital to prevent them from removing McMath’s respirator and feeding tube.


Eventually, the two sides came up with an agreement that had McMath transferred to New Jersey from Oakland, California.

The state’s law prohibits doctors to remove life-support machines for brain-dead patients if ever the family objects. California does not have that law.

McMath’s journey was documented on her Facebook page, Keep Jahi McMath on Life Support, which was made by her mother.

All of the teen’s milestones and achievements, such as supposedly being able to breathe on her own and holding a pen, were posted on the social media platform.