Young girl loses her life after bouncy castle explodes

A young girl died after being blasted from a bouncy castle that explodeD on Norfolk beach while she was jumping on it. 

The incident took place this Sunday morning, July 1, 2018. At around 11 a.m., witnesses claimed that the inflatable burst, throwing the 4-year-old child six meters in the air.

According to BBC, the girl, whose identity is yet to be revealed, was transported to the hospital but her injuries were just too severe for doctors to save her life.

The bouncy castle was installed on Gorleston beach, in the children's play area of the Lower Esplanade, and the Norfolk Police is now working alongside the Health and Safety Executive to figure out what led to the child's death

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Plenty of people witnessed the inflatable explode considering that the beach was packed. The East of England Ambulance Service revealed that it received dozens of calls regarding the incident.

Upon learning of the explosion, a team of paramedics was able to reach the scene within four minutes, transporting the young girl, who was in 'serious medical condition' to the nearest hospital.

Gorleston, which is located near Great Yarmouth, a coastal town in Norfolk, England, close to the mouth of the River Yare, is a very popular destination for families and tourists looking to enjoy the warm weather.

So far, it isn't known what caused the inflatable structure to burst, but the proper authorities responsible for investigating the case will be on the hunt for any possible negligence.

In June, William and Shelby Thurston, two fairground workers, were sentenced to four years in jail after the death of Summer Grant, a 7-year-old girl who was inside a bouncy castle that was dragged across an Essex park in 2016.

The two workers were accused of failing to ensure that the structure was "adequately anchored" to the ground that it was safe to use, resulting in the young girl's tragic death.

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