A father let his son, Ernie, have his first sip of soda and recorded the adorable reaction of the young child to the new experience.

The video clip uploaded to YouTube showed the father first trying to convince his young son to taste the soda, despite his initial refusal. However, after the kid finally agrees, he seems reluctant to let go of the bottle.

In the caption to the video, it was informed that after Ernie to his big sip of the soda, he got a little drunk. Later, he is even heard babbling some adorable stuff. The caption also disclaimed that the soda was given to the child under parental guidance.

The video begins with young Ernie and his father hanging out by themselves at home one day. Then the father suddenly pulls out a bottle of soda from the refrigerator. He then asks his son if he would like to have a taste of the soda.

"Does it have sugar? Does it taste like bubbly water?" Ernie asks, unsure if he really wants to try the soda.

However, his father reassures him that soda had a lot of sugar. The kid then obediently replies that they weren't allowed to have sugar. Clearly, he doesn't want to be breaking any rules that his mother set.

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In his bid to convince the boy, the father then tells him that he wouldn't be telling his mom about it so it would be their secret.

The boy then finally takes the bottle from his father's hands and takes his first real sip of the soda. He immediately is taken aback by its taste.

"Oh man! I get to eat this? It feels tasty!" he says in the video, reacting for the first time to the taste of the soda.

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