Video of 90-year-old woman singing gospel song goes viral

A West Virginia woman's song of joy goes viral on the Internet

Fannie Spaulding of Crum, West Virginia was about to turn 91 when something extraordinary happened that would have her inspiring millions of people all over the world.

Some of Spaulding's family members were visiting her when the 90-year-old woman suddenly burst into song, and luckily the magical moment was recorded and posted on Facebook

Spaulding started singing a lovely Gospel song called “What a Time in Heaven” and her powerful and emotional rendition brought her visitors to tears.

“What a time in Heaven, when I lay those burdens down. What a time in Heaven, when I put on my robe and crown.”

Fannie Spaulding, Facebook.

Simply dressed in a pink nightgown and with her feet bare, Spaulding seemed to be inspired to share her joy and her faith through her song.

Her enraptured visitors joined in and were moved by her performance as she celebrated the hopes and rewards of the paradise called Heaven.

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Spaulding's nephew Lincoln Bragg Jr. filmed and posted the video, and was astounded by the response to his Aunt Fannie's performance.

So far, the video has been viewed over 2,5 million times on Facebook, had 20.000 likes and 67.000 shares.

Bragg said he has received rapturous messages from people around the world sharing their reaction to the video, and thanking him for posting it.

Bragg explained that his aunt had once loved singing in church, but her age and her health no longer allow it. Spaulding's heartfelt swan-song has inspired millions all over the world, as she gave voice to her love of God and her simple faith.

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