Little girls battling cancer appear in stunning before and after images

Lora Scantling and Christy Goodger took a stunning photograph of three little girls battling cancer. The before and after snapshots of the girls is truly inspiring.

Scantling and Goodger, who run Scantling Photography, offered to take the photographs of children going through cancer.

Scantling saw her stepfather go through the treatment for lung cancer at the time and she wanted to use her art to encourage others going through similar struggles.

Later, the Facebook call from the photographers turned into a project titled 'Little Heroes.' Under the project, they photographed dozens of children battling cancer.

Among those children, three special girls from Oklahoma made a special impact upon their lives.

3-year-old Rylie Hughey, 6-year-old Rheann Franklin, and 5-year-old Ainsley Peters were the three girls suffering from kidney cancer, brain tumor, and leukemia respectively.

Scantling took a photograph of the girls in 2014. It showed the three girls dressed in pears and lace, hugging each other. The snapshot depicts the gorgeous girls and the love that they share for each other.

When the girls met each other for the very first time, they bonded instantly, Scantling recalled. They walked into the room and immediately connected with one another because of the same struggles they faced in their life.

Then less than a year later, the girls reunited yet again for another photo shoot. Scantling revealed that all the girls were absolutely delighted to see each other.

“They were bouncing off the walls, having fun, like, ‘Oh my best friends are here,’” she said. She further added that she plans to keep on photographing the girls for as long as they are interested.

In a report from People, Franklin's mother, Valerie, told the source that Scantling's photographs helped them to deal with the "scary situation."

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