Nia Long shares touching photo with longtime partner and their 6-year-old son

Actress Nia Long, best known for her roles in Boyz n the Hood, took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and her family enjoying time together.

In the photo, the actress was portrayed wearing a red and white shirt and a hat. Her brown braids were let loose on her shoulder, what made her look gorgeous.

Behind Nia, her partner of 8 years Ime Odoka was also flashing his smile at the camera. The man opted for a more casual outfit as he wore an ordinary black shirt.

The couple’s son, six-year-old Kez, was shown wearing a white and red cap and a green and white striped shirt. For the caption, Nia only wrote ‘my bottom line,’ next to a heart emoji.

As soon as she uploaded that picture, her fans and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One of them as Instagram user @topherswifee, who admitted that the photo radiated natural beauty

That image was shared a couple of days after Nia took to Instagram to upload a photo portraying her two sons having breakfast with their grandmother.

In the photo, shared on Mother’s Day as a way to honor Talita Long, seventeen-year-old Massai and Kez were posing next to Talita flashing their big smiles.

The adorable trio looked a lot like each other, making impossible not to compare them with one another. As Celebritist previously reported, Nia’s parents divorced when she was two-years-old, and she moved to Iowa City with Talita while she finished college.

Soon after that, they moved to Los Angeles, where Talita was planning to marry once again, but she ended up calling off the engagement.

Even though growing up with a single mother is very difficult, the actress remembers her childhood filled with fun, vacations, and educational trips to museums and more.

Talita proved to be a wonderful mother as she did her best to give Nia the best she could regardless of the difficulties.

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