The unusual illness that Audrey Roloff is battling

Audrey Roloff took to social media to open up that she was diagnosed with an unusual disease that has had her requiring rest for at least 2 months.

The star of Little People, Big World revealed with an Instagram post that she'd caught the mononucleosis virus, and the doctors recommended her to take prolonged rest.

The 26-year-old star's struggle with the rare and unusual illness has come after she also suffered from persistent mastitis earlier this year.

With a series of photographs of her 10-month-old daughter, Ember, which she posted to Instagram, Roloff explained about her latest diagnosis. She further elaborated that she had been feeling a bit low since last week.

As an athlete, Roloff always had a history of being injury-prone, which taught her to stay alert about the warning signs that her body shows. She decided to get an immediate diagnosis and give her body the urgent care that it deserved.

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She sought the help of medical professionals, who initially wanted to test her for strep and pregnancy.

Surprisingly, Roloff herself suggested that she could have been suffering from mononucleosis as she noticed similar symptoms in her friend in college who had the same disease.

‘The past week I’ve been feeling so rundown and have been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain. I thought it was just from the stress of working on the edits for our book, getting ready to travel out of town for a work trip, and Ember waking up in the night to nurse (which has been happening for the past 3 weeks.. teething),’ Roloff captioned her Instagram photo

Mayo Clinic reported that the mononucleosis virus is often caught through saliva. It is transmitted during kissing but can also be transmitted through a cough or sneeze as well as sharing a glass or utensil with an infected person.

The doctors also informed Roloff that the virus is often seen in teenagers and college students, but they still chose to test her just to be sure.

When the tests came back, the doctor who diagnosed her said, 'I think you're the first breastfeeding mom I've ever seen test positive...'

The star later expressed her surprising upon having caught the disease as she had not gone around making out with people and sharing drinks. The doctors advised her to take good rest for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

In her post, Roloff also expressed her concern that she might pass the illness on to her daughter as well as her husband, Jeremy Roloff.

Roloff also took to Instagram recently on Jule 2 to post the photographs of Jeremy posing alongside their infant daughter.

The photograph revealed the new dad posing in a field with his baby girl, who is just in her diaper, red cowboy boots, and a big bow.

'If this photo doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will [heart emoji]" Audrey captioned the snapshot,' she further captioned her post.

Fans absolutely loved the adorable photograph and several commented beautiful praises for the duo, writing, 'too cute'  and 'sweet.'

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