White woman called police on black 12-year-old boy for cutting lawn

12-year-old Reggie Fields, who runs Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service in Cleveland, Ohio, went through a terrifying situation after someone called the police on him.

According to People, Lucille Holt saw Reggie and a couple of his family members pushing lawn care equipment outside a store near her home, so she decided to hire them to cut the grass at her Maple Heights home on June 23.

Given the fact that the children didn’t recognize where Lucille’s garden ended (Lucille later revealed that she didn’t know it, either) they started mowing the lawn of the woman’s neighbor.

Unfortunately, the owner of that house didn’t like that as she called the police to report the incident, giving the children a memory they would never forget.

When the police arrived at the scene, Lucille recorded a video and uploaded to her Facebook page. In it, she praised Reggie and his family by saying that they were not doing anything wrong.

Lucille added that she loved the fact that four young people were productive to the society and, instead of stealing people’s cars or breaking their windows, they were mowing the lawn.

Later, the woman angrily said that her neighbors, who are white, called the police to tell them that the children were cutting their grass. Surprised by that action, she asked herself ‘who does that?’

After that, Lucille talked to The New York Times to reveal that the incident was racially motivated and that if the children had been white, her neighbor wouldn’t have called the police.

Reggie told Cleveland.com that he was nervous as he thought they would be in trouble only for walking into another lady’s garden and cutting their grass.

Linda Krakora, the infamous neighbor, told The Times that she called the police to ask Lucille to have the children stop mowing on their property because she couldn’t talk to her. No legal action was taken in the matter, reported People.

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