Erykah Badu & D.O.C.'s 14-year-old daughter 'builds a school' in latest video

Erykah Badu's daughter impresses at 14 as her father reveals her dedication to build a school in a video shared on her birthday.

Erykah Badu’s daughter with rapper The D.O.C. just turned 14, and she’s making her parents proud. She’s currently helping build a school in Haiti, and her pleased father gushed about her work on her special day.

Puma Sabti Curry has been drawing attention to herself ever since she serenaded her mother on camera during her 47th birthday. Not only did people notice her singing talent, but she also eventually impressed fans with her uncanny sense of fashion, just like her mother’s. This is apart from the fact that she’s also beautiful. 

But her beauty outside is paired with a kind heart which her father recently projected on Instagram. Celebrating his daughter’s 14th birthday, the 50-year-old posted a video of the young teen, shovel in hand, and digging up soil to help build a school in Haiti. Her father’s voice could be heard in the background teasing Puma while she tries to stop him from distracting her. Explaining his post, the rapper born Tracy Lynn Curry wrote, 

“My baby building a school in Haiti. Sooo proud of the young woman she is and sooo excited about the Queen she’s going to be. I found love for myself through you Puma. I owe my heart today to you for being so amazing. Happy Birthday my beautiful baby. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, Puma’s mother warned the world of her daughter when she wrote a message celebrating her daughter’s “14 summers.”

“Not trying to protect Puma from the World. I’m trying to protect the World from Puma.”

After greeting her daughter, she wrote her a series of gems to remember as she journeys through life. 

“Keep Swimming. Trust your intuition without waver. Follow your heart. All the answers are inside. If you Choose Humility and Honesty they will be your faithful companions. Even when it appears as if your gifts are numerous or greater, treat everyone as your equal... Take your time. It ain’t a race. Let’s keep evolving together. I see you. I’m you. I love you . - mama and dad @c.d.o.c #drinkwater”

Puma is the second of three children of Erykah. Her eldest, Seven, is the son of rapper Andre 3000 of Outkast. Her third child is daughter Mars with her boyfriend of five years, rapper Jay Electronica. Eryka and The D.O.C. were never married though they dated for several years. 

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