Tracey Edmonds melts hearts with photo of grown-up sons who look more like their dad, Babyface

The American businesswoman, television producer, and personality has two grown sons with her ex-husband, and the boys are already all grown up today. 

Tracey Edmonds and her ex-husband, Kenneth Brian "Babyface" Edmonds, have two sons, Brandon and Dylan Michael Edmonds. Sadly, the couple's marriage didn't last, and they filed for divorce in 2005 after 13 years of marriage. 

Since then, Babyface has remarried Nicole Pantenburg, and had another child, a daughter named Peyton Nicole Edmonds. 

While the three may not be full siblings, they still seem to get on like a house on fire. Tracey recently took to Instagram to share a photo of her two sons and their half-sister, and all three children look more like their father than their mothers. 

"Okay Fam.. Here goes a little #EdmondsBrothersSisterSummerMuseumSwag! I love them all, but only 2 out of the 3 here are mine... and we know their Daddy has some very strong genes...but do y’all think at least one of them resembles me just a little?? Sending out Friday peace and LOVE! #Dylan #Brandon #Peyton," Tracey captioned the shot. 

Even the proud mama seems to think that her two sons resemble their father a great deal more than they do her! 

Fortunately for her, plenty of fans came to her rescue with suggestions of how they might look like her. 

"Brandon resembles you by his lips :) But yelp their dad’s genes are strong," wrote Valeria Billings, while Latrina Patrick suggested that Brandon looked more like her than Dylan does. 

While 20-year-old Brandon seems to shun the limelight for the most part, 16-year-old Dylan has appeared on his mother and her boyfriend's (Deion Sanders) show, Deion’s Family Playbook, from time to time. 

Because of the way they have been mostly kept out of the media by their parents, fans have been shocked recently to see how they have grown up, with time seeming to have passed way too quickly. 

And looking at Dylan, it's clear to see that he has inherited his father's looks, with him appearing to be a younger version of the famous R&B singer. 

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