Jussie Smollett & siblings warm hearts in sweet pic revealing news about their family

Actor and singer Jussie Smollett, best known as Jamal Lyon in Empire, and his siblings are breaking into the food world with a new cookbook, The Family Table.

One of the four siblings, Jake, took to Instagram to share a slideshow with photos of the family and the news that were released by People, Essence, and Houston Chronicle.

The first image portrayed all Smolletts – Jussie, Jurnee, Jake, and Jazz – with drinks in their hands and dishes in the table in front of them. The second picture showed the family eating with some friends.  

Finally, the third photo displayed the Smolletts and their friends enjoying the meal and some beers on the table. All those images were taken from the magazines/websites of the previously mentioned outlets.

For the caption, Jake revealed that it had been a great week for The Family Table, the name of their cookbook, and thanked People, Essence, and Houston Chronicle for the notes they wrote about it.

People reported that it is not the first activity related to food that the Smollett have done. In 2016, they paired with Food Network for the show Smollett Eats, which served as the first step into writing their new cookbook.

The book has dishes they love to eat and recipes inspired by their travels and their mixed African-American, Jewish, and New Orleans roots. Jussie even labeled it as a ‘love letter’ to their childhood.

Apart from the recipes, which are the highlight of the book, they shared several details of their ‘nomadic’ lifestyle and how they moved more than ten times from New York to California due to their father’s job.

In the book, they explained that their mother, Janet, would build a large wooden table from scratch so everyone in the family could get together to eat or talk while Stevie Wonder or Fleetwood Mac played in the background.

That’s the reason they chose The Family Table as the name of their cookbook as Jussie revealed that the table was ‘the place what you could say what you wanted.’

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