Newlywed couple killed in crash by driver who skipped stop sign

What should have been the beginning of a new life ended in tragedy for newlyweds

Logan Thunderland Allbaugh, 24 and his bride, 22-year-old Hannah Mae Kwekel Allbaugh, were traveling down a road in Heath Township at 3:45 pm on the 19th of July 2018 when their vehicle was struck by another car, reported Fox News.

The young Michigan couple were killed by the impact, and Police later ascertained that the accident was caused by the other vehicle ignoring a STOP sign. 

The crash caused the Allbaughs’ northbound vehicle to spin out of control and subsequently hit a third vehicle that was heading in the opposite direction.

“They were the perfect couple. They’ll never be another couple like them. They were full of love and care and supported each other.”

Derek Rice,  Fox News19th of July 2018.

Tragically the newlyweds were pronounced dead at the scene, which was less than three miles from where they had been married on the 23rd of June 2018, just 24 days before the fatal accident.

The couple had been married in the decorated yard of Logan’s longtime friend and groomsman Lloyd Haskin in what he described as “the most flirty wedding I’ve ever seen.”

Haskin said that the couple kept winking at each other, and stealing kisses during the ceremony, and were completely in love with each other.

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Melissa Green, who co-owns the Iron Bridge Sports Bar where Hannah worked as a bartender described the couple as "really good kids,” who had a wonderful aura about them.

Haskin shared his friend Logan's philosophy that “There’s no one better to be than yourself and if people can’t handle that, then they don’t deserve to be with you.

The drivers of the other two vehicles involved in the accident survived, one with minor injuries, and the other completely unhurt. Neither driver has been identified.

Michigan State Police is investigating the accident but no charges have been filed.

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