July 27, 2018

'The Rock' shares adorable video with 3-month-old daughter and it quickly goes viral

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Fast and Furious star Dwayne Johnson posted a hilarious but adorable video with his baby daughter Tiana Gia while taking a shot at a fellow actor.

The Rock, a father to his three-month-old baby girl, took to Facebook to share the video on July 20, 2018,

Johnson is more than a Hollywood superstar now that he is a new father to an adorable three-month-old baby girl.

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He has named her Tiana Gia and is eager to show off his bundle of happiness with the world. She seems to be walking in the footsteps of her father, winning hearts all over the internet.


The 46-year-old actor shared an adorable and funny video across social media platforms. The clip showed Johnson engaging himself in some ‘discussion’ with the newest addition to his family.


As he is talking with her, the little one smiles up to him, cooing throughout as cutely as a baby can be.

The well-built actor holding his tiny girl is quite a sight in itself, however, their ‘conversation’ is funnier. The former wrestler is clearly fishing for some compliments.

He asks her if she had any idea that she had “the sexiest daddy in the world.” He can gauge her expression and it is clear to the father what she means.


He continues, “I know, right?” He also adds that he was also the coolest father in the world.

Johnson captioned the photo as a dialogue between the two, with the father saying that he would fish for compliments all day while holding her in his arms.

Baby Tiana Gia would respond, ‘I’m gonna look up at you with my gummy smile and just love, appreciate and marvel at all this Daddy Goodness I see.’


His pet, Hobbs, who is lying on the floor throughout the clip, joins in telling Baby Tia to stop encouraging her father because it was making him nauseated.

Johnson did not stop at that. He continued, sticking to his character he took a shot at his colleague Kevin Hart.

the actor clarified that that was how he spoke to his fellow actor.