Kandi Burruss shares adorable video of husband Todd playing with their son

Kandi Burruss' husband reveals his special talent while playing with their son Ace in a video the reality star recently shared.  It appears Todd is a showman and his son is his greatest fan.

Kandi Burruss delighted in a video of her husband entertaining their son so much she shared it to her fans on Instagram. 

A few days ago, followers of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star were treated to a glimpse of Todd Tucker’s skills as a puppet master when his wife posted a video of him pretending to be a puppet for their son Ace. 

The show Todd prepared for their 2-year-old, complete with a red curtain framing him, involved him pretending his bare hands were puppets while conversing with the little boy.

“Hi, my name is Dad, what’s your name?,” Todd mouthed the words using his hands as little Ace played along and responded. The two kept on their conversation until Kandi who’s taking the video tells her husband to use actual puppets next time to which Todd jokingly replied,

“We’re cheap, we don’t wanna buy no puppets.” 

Puppets or not, Ace was clearly buying into his dad’s performance. Fans were equally delighted with Todd who just revealed his playful side as a father. 

“@todd167 is the best DAD he dont just buy the toys he creates the best memories”

“Omg so cute… @todd167doing what he knows to add joy to his sons life.. Bravissimo to @todd167 ”

“ol! I love how Ace is just playing along. “We’re cheap mommy. We don”t wanna buy no puppets” LMAOOO”

Todd and Kandi welcomed Ace in January 2016, just a month after Todd’s mother sadly passed away. Sharon suffered a stroke on December 1 and died the following day. 

Sharon had been a great part of Kandi’s pregnancy which made the birth of Ace even more bittersweet. To pay tribute to her, the couple decided to give their son the middle name Wells, after Sharon’s maiden name. 

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