Husband experiences life in estranged wife's shoes and writes a touching letter

A man lived his wife’s life when the woman walked out leaving him to take care of their children all by himself.

The husband wrote a letter to his wife after experiencing life in her shoes, grateful he got to spend those days without her to understand her better.

The man returned exhausted from work one day. He wanted to spend some time all by himself on the couch, watching the game.

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His wife was clearly not in a good mood, after having had a long day herself. She was trying to put their baby to sleep because the other children were fighting with each other.

Instead of helping her out, the husband turned the volume up which further infuriated his wife. She said, “Would it kill you to play a more active role in your children’s upbringing?”

She wanted him to help her out around the house. However, the man confessed that he justified his actions by saying he was tired after a long day’s work leaving her to play in “the doll’s house.”

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They got into a massive argument. The man wrote that he said some terrible things to her that he wished he had never uttered, while she screamed, clearly sick of everything going on around their house.

At that moment, the woman, tearfully, ran out of the house, leaving him to take care of their children all by himself.

He was forced to feed the children and put them to bed. The following day, he had to ask his boss if he could take a day off to look after them.

The experience opened his eyes to her typical day with the crying and the tantrums. He had to run around after the children and hardly had time for even a shower.

He did everything exclusively for them, from getting the milk heated to getting them dressed, and cleaning the kitchen all at once.

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He had little exposure to the outside world and went without speaking to an adult for the entire day. He couldn’t even sit calmly at the table to have a relaxed meal.

By the end of the day, he was drained of all his energy and wanted to sleep for 20 hours straight. However, he could not do that as he had to wake up every few hours to a crying baby.

After spending two days and two nights like her, he confessed that he understood her better. He understood the sacrifice of a mother and her exhaustion.

It was more difficult than being in a fancy office making important economic decisions for 10 hours a day.

He realized that his wife had to sacrifice her job and financial freedom only to take care of their children and the fact that her economic security depended on her partner.

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Without friends, exercise, or a good night’s sleep, she would be locked up in their house. She could only imagine what she must be missing in the outside world.

He recalled the time when she became upset when his mother criticized her for raising their children in a particular way. However, he wrote, a mother knows what is best for her little ones.

She was not just carrying out the responsibility of their children, but also ‘society’s greatest burdens’ in a thankless job no one appreciates or remembers.

 He wanted her to know that she was missed by her children and her husband. He also wanted to tell her that she was ‘strong’ and that he admired her for doing ‘an excellent job.’ 

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