Hooters waitress shares meal with hungry homeless man after seeing his condition

Waitress Morissa Pena shared a beautiful story on social media of how she helped a lonely man sitting in the street get his first meal in many days.

Pena took to Facebook and explained that she noticed a man, named Rick, sitting by himself on a curb across the street while pulling into work on February 4, 2016.

Something felt wrong about the man to her and she went ahead to ask him if he was doing okay. Rick could hardly answer, but he managed to say, “No.” Following which, he looked down and started to cry.

Pena then asked him if he was hungry, and the man replied with just one word: “very.”

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She helped him get off the ground by letting him hold her arm and then told Rick that she worked in Hooters. To his delight, she also welcomed him inside the restaurant.

She further explained in her post: ‘I sat him down and told him he could order whatever he wanted, on me. Another table bought him a dessert. He was so grateful...he told me he was here from Ohio and had been hit by a car, and he couldn't go to the hospital because he didn't have even an ID.’

Rick later showed her a necklace which had Philippians 4:3 engraved upon it. It was the only thing of value that he possessed.

Before leaving, Pena requested him to take a picture with her and the man happily agreed. He even pulled out a small comb and gave his beard a brief grooming.

After the picture was taken, Rick was so overwhelmed by Pena’s kind gesture that he offered her his necklace.

Meanwhile, Pena explained that this gesture made her ‘speechless’ in return because the man had just given her the only thing he possessed. She wrote that it would be ‘a debt’ she will never be able to repay.

Pena concluded her post with an important message about being kind to one another in the world. ‘Remember to help where you can and to do it selflessly,’ she wrote, before wishing her followers a ‘wonderful day.’

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