Man saw tiny foal in need and stepped in to help (video)

Aug 02, 2018
05:03 A.M.

A motorist stopped on the highway and went beyond his way to help a foal that was separated from his mother and was stuck in the middle of the road.


The video uploaded to YouTube by The Dodo shows a man suddenly noticing a foal hopping along the middle of the highway.

On closer inspection, he realized that it was separated from its mother after having accidentally crossed a fence that separated highway from the open field at the side of it.

Despite all its efforts, the baby horse was not able to find its way back to its mother over the fence and toward the wide, open field.

The man knew that the matter was serious because if the foal starts to panic, it might get itself hit by a speeding vehicle coming through the highway.


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Somehow he knew that he just could not leave the foal behind. He realized he just could not give up on the little animal.

So he got out of his vehicle and decided to help the foal return to the other side of the fence. But it was not so easy for him at first.


The foal doesn’t know that the man is out there to help it, so it first tries to evade him. After a bit of a struggle, he manages to grab the foal and guide it toward the fence.

Source: YouTube/BOOMTV

Source: YouTube/BOOMTV


Once near the fence, he gently carries the foal with his two hands and lifts it over the fence and toward the safety of its mother.

As soon as the foal reaches the other side, the mother comes to greet her child and the two animals start to gallop with joy all around the field.

Source: YouTube/The Dodo

Source: YouTube/The Dodo


There have been several reports of kind gestures from people, who work hard to save the lives of these innocent animals.

A similar story was reported earlier in June when a Chinese activist working with Humane Society International saved the lives of more than a hundred dogs before the beginning of China’s Yulin Festival.

The festival involves presenting dog meat, but the terrifying scenes of dogs being crammed into bloodied wire cages was what drew the attention of the activists.

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