Biracial couple monitored their drastic physical transformation over the past 10 years

- Celebritist learned from Independent the incredible consistency in the advocacy and actual lives of a particular bi-racial couple.

- Wendy Joseph and Daniel Hennessey's careers have leaned towards health maintenance, body positivity, and fitness concerns.

- Having supported each other for the past 10 years, they are the best marketers of their callings as seen in their unbelievable physical transformation.

Wendy Joseph is best associated with the YouTube tag ‘Creator on the Rise’.

For a while now, she has been famous for her self-named lifestyle vlogs and haircare channel on YouTube.

And it’s amazing that her life calling not only hooked her up with someone with a complementary purpose but it’s kept them together for 10 years.

Wendy got engaged to Daniel Hennessey in 2016 and beyond the similarities they share in life aspirations, they’re also from New Jersey.

Their picture came to the attention of millions of social media users for a rather rare reason earlier this year.

As usual, they share some of their inviting pictures on Instagram, treating their followers to views of their enviable, fit lives.

Without much stress, their fans quickly observed how different they look compared to photos from the last decade.

They shared a throwback picture, with several people finding out that they have been together since 2007.

Comparing Dan’s newly-grown beard to his clean appearance from a decade ago along with Wendy’s fuller face, one would question if it was them.

Moreover, it appears one other thing is consistent with their professions: the fact that their commitments to fitness and grooming have really paid off.

With that, it’s safe to say they have become the best marketers of their own products and advocacy at their jointly-owned initiative, ‘True4You Fitness.’

True to the name by which this brainchild is called, Joseph testified how her soon-to-be hubby had supported her all the while.

Currently, their youthful looks defy their ages as Wendy, now rocking gorgeous curly natural hair, is 29, while her supportive beau is just a year older.

Although they’ve stayed true to their commitments to healthy living, Wendy attributes to Dan her achievements over the years.

Regardless of the fact that Dan, a certified precise nutritionist and dietary trainer, seems a racial mismatch for his African-American partner, he has proven to be the greatest support.

The former basketball buff has no doubt set a new precedent for aspiring bi-racial couples and those desiring to maintain their youthful loveliness.

What do you think about Dan and Wendy?



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