Grandpa can see colors for the first time ever after receiving EnChroma glasses on his birthday

Aug 03, 2018
10:25 A.M.
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The grandfather sees color for the first time and his reaction on the viral video was priceless. His children gave him EnChroma glasses for his 66th birthday.


Carson Stafford, the man who uploaded the viral video on YouTube, said that his father and his aunts pitched in to but the special glasses for their father.

EnChroma glasses are designed to make the colorblind see color.

The grandfather was given a cardboard box on his birthday and his family urged him to open it up.


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After opening the white box inside, he took out a pair of sunglasses.

Reading the box, the grandfather said, “Color for the colorblind… ” 

He laughed as he said, “I am colorblind.” His family then laughs with him.

His son explained that the glasses are special ones that have been made specifically for the colorblind. He said to his father, “You get to see color just like we get to see color.”

The grandfather was shocked and said, “No kidding.”


Soon after, he put on the glasses and almost immediately broke down in tears.


One of his daughters ran towards him and hugged him as he cried.

He said he couldn’t believe that he was seeing color clearly. He looked around him to see color for the first time. He was amazed as he observed the colors of the grass, the balloons in front of him, and even his hat.

Later on, the grandfather watched an animated cartoon on the widescreen TV with his family and he couldn’t help but gape at the colors. 


The National Eye Institute revealed that a small yet significant portion of the world population is diagnosed with colorblindness.

They reported, “As many as 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women with Northern European ancestry have the common form of red-green color blindness.” 

“Men are much more likely to be colorblind than women because the genes responsible for the most common, inherited color blindness are on the X chromosome,” added the NEI.

The EnChroma glasses has been a gift to people with colorblindness. A lot of them have become viral as their reactions were as priceless as the grandfather’s reaction.

Another viral video – with more than two million views - showed bodybuilder William Reed seeing color for the first time using the EnChroma glasses.