My father-in-law has made advances towards me. Should I tell my husband?

Manuela Cardiga
Aug 04, 2018
08:08 A.M.

Dear AmoMama,


I got married to my lovely husband just 5 years ago, and we have a wonderful relationship.

He is my best friend and I am his. We tell each other everything, but now there is something happening that I don't know if I can tell him.

My husband 'Tom' was raised by his mother from the time he was 7 since his father divorced her and moved out of State.

Source: Pexel

Source: Pexel

At the time of our marriage, he sent his father an invitation, and though he didn't come, he sent him a very generous cash gift.

After the birth of our baby, 'Tom' reached out to his father again, and the man finally agreed to come and visit.


At first, I liked him. He was nothing like the man my mother-in-law talked about so bitterly. He is a dynamic and very charming man, and my husband was so happy to have him back in his life.

Souce: Pexel

Souce: Pexel

He was loving to my daughter, and attentive to me. Then his attention started to bother me a little. It didn't feel right. He always hugged me too tight and too long and put his hand on my bottom in a way that wasn't fatherly at all.

On my husband's 35th birthday, we had a party, and of course, he flew in. My mother-in-law stuck to her guns and wouldn't even greet him.

While I was dancing with my husband he cut in and said it was his turn. He was pressing up against me and suddenly I could feel his arousal, and his breath panting in my ear. I pushed away and ran to the bathroom, but when I came out he was waiting outside.

Source: Pexel

Source: Pexel

He grabbed me and tried to kiss me and fondle me, and I was lucky to get away. I believe that if I hadn't he would have raped me.

I don't want this man in my house ever again, but how can I tell 'Tom' that his charming father is, in fact, a sexual predator and a potential rapist? Does anyone have a suggestion for me?

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