'Wheel of Fortune' contestant goes viral after giving hilariously wrong answer during game

Having survived on people’s television screens for over four decades, Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular and iconic programs that is still watched much fondly.

While the show involves people winning big prizes and money by the stroke of luck, there are also several accounts of hilarious mishaps and horribly wrong answers that leave the audience greatly entertained.

During one of the episodes, contestant Melinda, and her husband, endured a similar moment of slight mishap that left the people rolling on the floor.

The couple was one of the three pairs participating on the show during this particular episode. They received a puzzle in which they had to name a ‘Living Thing’ and the number of words they had to figure out was just two.

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When the game began, the host informed the couple the correct answer was a ‘living thing.’ A lady assisting the host of the show touched one of the boxes and, immediately, letter ‘E’ appeared.

From there on, the more time the contestants took, the more letters started appearing on the screen.

To win the round and to beat the other couples, each couple had to give the right answer before the other couple did. This is where Melinda was forced to rush into things.

In her urgency, she quickly pressed the buzzer. When the host asked her to answer, she simply stated two words, ‘Popsicle Bike.’

The host seemed barely able to contain his laughter but he did his best. Melinda and her husband definitely looked like they knew it wasn’t a right answer even before pressing the buzzer.

However, with 9 letters already shown, the couple standing next to them pressed the buzzer next. Then they gave the answer, ‘Honeysuckle Bush,’ which obviously was the right answer.

First aired in 2017, this hilarious slip-up is still being talked about on the internet. Many consider it to be a surprising answer for two reasons.

First, the 9 letters that were already revealed in no way suggested that the right words were ‘Popsicle Bike.’ Second, the category for the words was ‘Living Thing,’ which the two words obviously are not.

After Twitter user Eric Hammer reposted the brief video clip of the episode on his Twitter account, several Twitter users quickly jumped in to express their opinion about the hilarious slip-up.

Twitter user 2017 Preseason Champs pointed out the funny blank expression that Melinda’s husband gave the moment she gave the answer.

Similarly, Dennis wrote that he ‘couldn’t stop laughing’ after watching the clip. Other Twitter users also defended Melinda but using a sharp satire. Drew Pearson wrote, ‘It’s not that stupid. There are ice-cream bike vendors at the beach.'

Hammer’s tweet with the video was retweeted over 300 times and was liked by almost 400 people.

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