See what happens when a giant alligator snapping turtle gets angry

Manuela Cardiga
Aug 06, 2018
09:16 P.M.

Wildlife personality gets chomped by a turtle with a bad attitude.


Anyone who loves extreme wildlife documentaries knows "Coyote" Petersen. Born Nathaniel Peterson,"Coyote" is a world-famous YouTube personality and wildlife educator.

He takes on challenges and exhibits his videos on YouTube, which are posted on his channel Brave Wilderness. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

"Coyote" has faced scorpions, snakes and all kinds of dangerous and venomous creepy-crawlies, but his latest Youtube post was so daring it garnered him an astounding 25,6 million viewings so far.

"Coyote" allowed a giant alligator snapping turtle to bite his arm. Most people haven't seen an alligator snapping turtle since these reptiles are endemic to the wetlands from northern Florida to eastern Texas and as far north as Iowa.


How big and how dangerous are these reptiles?

The alligator snapping turtle is as close as anyone can get to walking with dinosaurs outside a cybernetic theme part.

The giant alligator snapping turtle is labeled "giant" for a very good reason: Males can reach over 200 kg in weight and their carapace can measure 0.80 m, excluding the head and tail. These turtles can live more than 70 decades and continue growing all their lives.

These huge and frightening creatures look primitive and predatory. They have a fearsome beak and a jaw that can exert a 1000-pound bite and sheer off human fingers as easily as a child cuts paper with scissors.


Why did "Coyote" let such a monster bite him?

"Coyote" foolishly asked his Instagram followers what they thought of the idea of him allowing a gigantic prehistoric carnivorous turtle to chew on his arm. To his surprise, 95% were enthusiastic about the idea.

Faced with such an overwhelming response, "Coyote" had to go through with the challenge though he had second thoughts about the wisdom of his decision.


How did "Coyote" do it?

To ascertain what he was up against, "Coyote" first tested the snapper's mighty bite on a giant turkey leg. To his horror, the turtle's razor-sharp beak sheared through the turkey leg and left the meat in bits.

Determined to carry on with the challenge without losing his arm, he and his team came up with a protective brace made of bamboo, ace bandages, and sports wrap.


What happened to "Coyote"?

The turtle bit right through the protective brace and although he did not break "Coyote's" arm, its beak pierced his flesh and left painful wounds.

At the very end of his video, "Coyote" stressed that it is very dangerous to bait or otherwise engage the giant alligator snapping turtle.

These animals are carnivorous predators, and though they will not attack humans, they will defend themselves if menaced.

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