Michael Strahan shares photo and videos from family vacation with his grown-up children

Renowned TV personality, Michael Strahan is known for his devotion to family, and in these latest vacation photo and videos featuring his children, the Ex-NFL player continues to live up to his reputation.

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Getty Images

Strahan, who has four children from two marriages, once said "I love being with the kids. To me, it’s all about family, now more than anything", and in these Instagram photo and videos, Strahan can be seen staying true to those words.

The first photo is a long shot of a family dining table overlooking the ocean. At the table are all his children: 26-year old Tanita and 23-year old Michael Junior who are from his first marriage to Wanda Hutchins, and 13-year old twin daughters, Sophie and Isabella, whose mother is his ex-wife, Jean Muggli.

Strahan captioned the photo:

Going to miss this view!! Great time with my favorite people! #Blessed

He also shared a video of his children snorkeling at night. The recording shows two children under water and the voices of others can be heard in the background. Strahan complements the post with a funny caption: "Late night snorkeling for the kids. Night swimming ain’t for me! Lol #crazykids #Relaxed"

The second video is a recording of the twins, Sophie and Isabella, jumping off a yacht into the ocean. Their screams of delighted can be heard as they make the jump and proceed to take a swim. Fans and followers in the comment section commended the girls for their bravery while urging them to stay safe.

Meanwhile, Strahan, who has always prided himself on being a hands-on dad, once revealed that his children help him have fun. He said, "Sometimes life gets serious for us as adults, but looking at my kids, it lets me know that you’re allowed to have fun. You’re allowed to have mindless fun."

The Good Morning America co-host attributes his excellent relationship with the kids to his parents' upbringing. He disclosed that they instilled in him the value of respect for everyone, no matter how little.

It is that value that plays out in Strahan's life with his kids even though he is no longer with any of their mothers. In his words, "I want them to have fun around their family and their dad. ...I have fun with my dad still. I think [it’s] important for them to see that: No matter what age, laugh."

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