August 07, 2018

Meet the 3-year-old girl who bears a striking resemblance to Princess Charlotte

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Princess Charlotte has won hearts from all around the globe with her adorable smile and playful personality. She now has a doppelgänger too!

As reported by the Sun, Scarlett Evered has been working as Princess Charlotte's double since she was 15 months old. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.

The 3-year-old Evered from Orpington in Kent in so used to the media attention by now that her mantra is, "I'm not I’m not Princess Charlotte - I’m Scarlett."

Evered is signed to three agencies and does ad campaigns, store openings and photoshoots with her "lookalike family." 



Passers-by often mistake Evered from the British Princess, and the resemblance is so uncanny that Evered herself gets confused! Her mother explained

"I always show her Princess Charlotte on the television and a couple of times she’s thought it’s actually her."

When Prince William and Duchess Catherine's third baby was christened earlier this year, Evered thought the vidoe was of her lookalike father, and not Prince William. 


There are some differences though, but it's not visible at first, and people still do a double take when the see Evered on the street. 

Evered's hair is a shade lighter than Charlotte's, and she has a different eye color too. Victoria, her mother, said Evered shares Princess Charlotte sense of style, adding

"I think she'd be happy to copy her clothes."


Her first assignment as a 15-month-old baby was for an Asda campaign which marked Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday back in 2016. 

She has been working with her lookalike family since then. Prince William's double is Simon Watkinson, and Catherine is portrayed by Heidi Agan. 

Victoria said Watkinson and Agan are "always really professional" and added that Evered gets along splendidly with her lookalike brother, Hayden Ursell. 

Did you know that the real Princess Charlotte doesn't sit at the dinner table with her parents while on royal visits? There is a reason for that, read more here